SimPhase Interface

SimPhase interface helps you define the steady-state equivalent circuit for the motor, the mechanical load and the variable frequency drive (VFD) speed control (if there is one) for each of your 50 Hz or 60 Hz three-phase induction motor.

The interface helps you prepare and do three-phase induction motor calculations using the equivalent circuit.

For each induction motor you define, SimPhase interface automatically calculates the full-load values (speed, current and torque) using your definition of the equivalent circuit for the motor. This makes sure there is always a good correspondence between motor full-load values and the equivalent circuit.

If you are not using SimPhase interface you should always make sure that the full-load speed or slip that you use does correspond to rated power output at rated voltage when inserted in your equivalent circuit for the machine.

Figure 1

The interface can plot the torque-speed characteristic of the motor and the torque-speed characteristic of the mechanical load you defined.

Figure 2