SimPhase Induction Motor Calculations (IMC) Program

SimPhase IMC program calculates the steady-state running conditions (speed, slip, real power input, power factor, stator current, efficiency, etc.) of three-phase induction motors for any combination of mechanical loading and stator voltage.

The IMC program uses the equivalent circuit of the induction motor for the calculations. The interface (included with the IMC program) can calculate the parameters of the equivalent circuit.

This article gives some information about the algorithm used by the program.

Following image shows the calculated conditions for a 50 HP induction motor with a loading equal to 70% of full-load torque and a 0.85 per unit stator voltage.

One possible application of the IMC program : With multiple simulations you can study how the efficiency (or any other motor condition) varies when the loading (or the voltage) varies.

The three-phase induction motor can be with or without a variable frequency drive (VFD) speed control.

Version 4.7 was released in April 2019. Latest update is (February 2020).

There is a free version of the IMC program. It has some limitations but you can use it for as long as you want.

There is also a licensed version of the IMC program.