What are the steady-state running conditions (slip, speed, real and reactive power input, efficiency and more) of your induction motor if the mechanical load torque equals 70% of motor’s full-load torque ?

Same motor, same mechanical load, what are the conditions if the stator voltage amplitude drops to 85% of motor’s rated voltage ?

These are some of the questions that can easily be answered by using SimPhase Induction Motor Calculations (IMC) Program. The program can calculate the steady-state running conditions of a three-phase induction motor for any combination of mechanical torque loading and stator voltage amplitude. The IMC program can do calculations for motors directly connected to the network and for motors with variable frequency drive (VFD) speed controls.

Version 4.7 of the software suite was released in April 2019.

There is a free version and a licensed version of the IMC program.

To help you start with the program, you can download examples files .

If you have any question, contact me (Pierre Lacasse) at following address: p.lacasse01@simphase.net

SimPhase programs are desktop applications for Windows PCs.